"Los Men y Los Obits" May 2014 Show Poster

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"Los Men y Los Obits" May 2014  Show Poster

Designed by Sohrab Habibion.
Silkscreened in Brooklyn, NY.

* 2 colors (marigold yellow + heart procession black)
* 25" x 19"
* Limited edition show poster

This was for a show in a former beer brewery in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. There were train tracks in the basement for carting around the kegs of beer. It was dusty and beautiful and sounded like 1,000 Italian dogs howling in a squat.

The Men played and were terrific, as they always are. Good band, they. Nude Beach also played and had the cavernous room bopping their non-cavernous heads to Class A rock'n'roll. We were probably ok. I don't remember. But it was a nice night and drinking beers in the back lot was a perfectly good way to spend a May evening.

*All these posters are sold "as-is," which is to say they might have an ever-so-slightly dinged corner, but that's part of the charm, right? No, really, they're nearly pristine, but a decade of sitting around can introduce a little wear and tear. Have you looked in the mirror lately? We have and goodness knows our corners are most definitely dinged.